Before Summer with Zaful (Part I)

Friday, March 10, 2017

"The print itself brings a certain beachy joie de vivre feeling and vivid sunset colors like something out of a souvenir painting."

Summer is flirting around the corner. So are our fittingly escapist quality and timely dislike of any clothing that attracts the faintest trace of sweat. No to jackets, pullovers and sometimes pants are already taken out of the equation in this time of year. (I believe your underarms will thank you profusely for being so cool. Literally.)

On a personal note, though, mine is being spent on a deliberate attempt not to grab that extra donut in the fridge in the hopes of at least shedding an ounce of fat in time for summer. Boy, was it hard. 
But when you see a recurring narrative of bikini, one piece, bare shoulder drama from every social media channel, it'll get you off the couch (not to pick up that bagel, hey!) and start working your shy ass off. Pronto.

And while the struggle is real and the product is not quite in the offing yet, you might want to settle on wearing something that will momentarily hide the flab and any evidence of bacon but still does the job of telling everyone that you're aware of the impending summer (or doom, depends on how well we handle that donut situation.)

You want to play things cool first, you tell them nonchalantly. They'll give you this convinced look (?) and then that's your cue to grab that summer dress first instead of swimsuit.

Nothing says summer more than our seasonal obsession with palm leaves. The print itself brings a certain beachy joie de vivre feeling and vivid sunset colors like something out of a souvenir painting.

This chock full of palm fronds dress from Zaful is just the right pick for your pre-summer story. Comfortably chic and a good cover up for a yet to achieve bod goals. At least for me. But fret not, Zaful can actually give you any kind of summer you want. Daring pursuits at the beach would be tolerated on their site, no doubt.

All this summer writing makes me want to hit the beach, drown myself in fresh coconut juice and book passages.  But I'll settle for playing in a field of hibiscus blooms for now.

Do Not Disturb.

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